And Now, For The NBA Trade Tirade……

Posted: March 2, 2011 in NBA Basketball, Special Interest Opinion

What’s up sports fans? Well the NBA Trade deadline has passed,  and even though these deals between franchises is important to owners, coaches, fans it’s really most of all important to the players themselves. See with all the mega deals that go down at the end of the trade deadline for players the only thing that matters to them,  is if the can put together some type of squad that will propel their team into championship contention. We’ve seen it with Miami’s “BIG THREE!”, The Lakers did it when they got Pau Gasol, and traded Trevor Ariza for Ron Artest.

Then there was the Kevin Garnett move to bean town or Boston, and we’ll we have to re-mention one of Miami’s “BIG THREE!” again, because of the Lebrane James merry-go-round that happened in Cleveland. Carmelo finally did what he and everyone knew he would do and that is to go to New York. We have to admit this year has given us our share of surprises. One big surprise which I put in a big article on our site, is the departure of Jerry Sloan. Once Jerry was gone you kinda had the feeling that change was coming to Utah. But let’s be honest no one thought it was going to start with their franchise player Derron Williams. Hey folks let’s face it, Derron has been the heart of Utah’s offense for over a decade. I guess when it comes down to it, there is only one line that matters, and that’s the bottom line.

What is interesting though is apparently we at Golden State, and I can say we because I’m a die hard fan. We bought out Troy Murphy’s contract but we’re allowing Boston to sign him if they choose to. Which is the other side of the NBA Trade frenzy. The Boston Celtics traded Kendrick Perkins for Nenad Krstic from Oklahoma. Yes, I said NBA World Champion Kendrick Perkins. Boston I guess had to, I mean Jermaine O’neal is out with surgery on his left knee, Shaquille O’neal is their full time center, but he’s got a right Achilles tendon injury. Kendrick went to Oklahoma, but he’s has an injury as well. Boston needed someone to fill their missing in action centerwoes, so Krstic gets the nod. Getting back to us up here at Golden State, I learned the other day that we did sign Al Thornton of the Washington Wizards.

Not a bad acquistion, Al Thorton is 6’8 235lbs. He could give Golden State some rebounding, more points in the paint, and good defense. But all this players passing around the NBA isn’t going to change anything right away. The last time we saw immediate impact from a player’s perspective was when KG, or Kevin Garnett went to Boston. He was someone you could build a team around. I do have to admit Miami’s “BIG THREE!” is on course we’ll have to see what the outcome is from all these Trade Tirade’s. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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