Sharks Burry The Avalanche

Posted: February 23, 2011 in San Jose Sharks

What’s up sports fans? I tell ya, these Sharks know how to keep things interesting. They fall and lose two in a row, then the rise and win two in a row. Great job Sharks! What a way to keep your head in the season. Sharks blank a struggling Colorado Avalanche team that after this game has lost 10 straight, and they’re 11 points out of playoff contention. It was a situation the Sharks took advantage off. Once they saw blood in the water, it was total devastation. Sharks beat the Avalanche 4-0.

It’s a bad position to be in for the Avalanche who’ve been out scored 38-14 by their opponents,  and have had the worst loss win ratio since they first moved from Quebec before the 1995-96 season. Devin Setogouchi got his first hat trick of the season, and Ian White  got his first point as a Shark. “We’ve played a lot better lately and we’re still only two points away from ninth place,” Setoguchi said. “It just means we have to keep playing our best hockey night in and night out.” Antii Niemi recorded his 5th shutout with 25 saves.  Colorado is 0-9-1 in the past 10 games.

Both franchises were equal on penalties at 5, but San Jose definitely capitalized on shots, 33-25 and head coach Todd McLellan had said that last week about the team getting more shots against their opponents. He had this to say about their game against Colorado, “It was frustrating for him early on because he wasn’t as involved in the game as he needed to be,” Sharks coach Todd McLellan said of Setoguchi. “When he started making changes, on his own, good things happened.” Ryan Clowe also scored for the Sharks, which caused more havoc for Avalanche goalie Peter Bundaj. He stopped 29 of 33 shots against a hungry Sharks offense.

The Sharks put themselves in fourth place with that win, and it was the needed momentum for the playoff push. Sharks did do better on the face offs, although they still were a little behind their rival Colorado 27-30. It is obvious they are improving. They did match them on the power plays 3-3. Sharks deserve a big congratulations and deserve to make the playoffs. G0 Sharks! Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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