Well, It Happened. After 5 Seasons Aaron Rodgers Gets His First SuperBowl Ring With The Packers.

Posted: February 22, 2011 in National Football League

What’s up sports fans. I know what your thinking, I must be scary to you right now. You remember that I said that if the Pittsburgh Steelers went into Superbowl XLV too  complacent they were going to meet a hungry Aaron Rodgers, with a different Green Bay Packers team and look out! Now Pittsburgh is at home thinking about it. I’m not taking anything away from the great Steel Curtain but, their defense was like someone forgot the curtain and left the window wide open. The Packers forced three turnovers and scored on all three of them.

Aaron Rodgers couldn’t use Donald Driver because he got hurt, but he did have Jordy Nelson. Whoever scouted the Packers from the Pittsburgh Steelers scouting team should’ve did a better job on scouting Jordy Nelson. Whoever missed that assignment, it cost the Steelers dearly. Jordy Nelson caught 9 passes for 140 yards, and a touchdown. When he wasn’t catching passes Greg Jennings was. He only caught 4 passes for 64 yards. Doesn’t seem like a lot right? Wrong, problem is two of those 4 passes were for touchdowns. See that was the other thing. I think that’s how Aaron Rodgers was able to beat the Steelers.

He wasn’t using conventional wisdom, so the Steelers could’nt really put their finger on what he was doing. See there’s conventional wisdom, and then there’s NFL conventional wisdom. If your on defense NFL conventional wisdom tells you to key in on the opposing teams go to guy and take him out of his NFL rhythm.  Aaron Rodgers was definitely methodical not conventional. When he couldn’t hit Donald Driver, he went for Jordy Nelson. If he couldn’t hit Jordy Nelson then he went to Greg Jennings. It worked, Steelers didn’t know what hit ’em.

Ben Rothlisberger wasn’t as prolific as he was projected to be. Not to mention the Green Bay defense. He was sacked only once, but he was picked off twice. Ben went 25-40 in passing and passed for 263 yards. The problem is that Aaron Rodgers didn’t make any mistakes. Mr.  Rodgers and his neighborhood of  Packers went 29-34 passes for 304 yards without any inceptions or turnovers. It cost the Steelers big time. As a matter of fact it cost them so much, even they couldn’t believe it. The Steelers got behind in the game and could’nt keep up. By the fourth quarter you should’ve seen the look on Hines Ward’s face.

Trust me, it wasn’t that same glimmering smile you saw in the press conference during the beginning of media week. As a matter of fact it was a look the Steelers were going to have to get used to until next season. The look of defeat. Tell me what you think. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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