Steph Curry Wins Skills Competition, But Warriors Still Get No Respect From NBA Community.

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Golden State Basketball



What’s up sports fans? I watched the skills competition during the 2011 All-STAR weekend. When I saw that Steph Curry was in it, I got a little excited because we, Warrior fans, and the Golden State Warriors didn’t  have any real stake in the ALL-STAR match up. I know the so called astute panel of Reggie Miller, Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson and Kenny “The Jet” Smith all thought, “Hey they’re Golden State what impact can they have?’ I heard Reggie Miller say, “Golden State has no chance.” He was eluding to Dorrell Wright who was in the 3pt. shootout.

I can appreciate his thinking, but not his statement. It’s true that during the 3pt. shootout Dorrell had some stiff competition. Last years 3pt. champion Paul Pierce, the new 3pt. leader in league’s history, Ray Allen, Kevin Durant, Daniel Gibson, and James Jones. Stiff competition yes, but for Reggie Miller to say Dorrell Wright had no chance to win in my observation solidifies what I’ve said about the Warriors from the beginning. The NBA community doesn’t respect Golden State as a legitimate franchise. You can see it everywhere in the league from the bad calls from referee’s to players not wanting to play in Oakland. As a matter of fact the only time any team has ever had to worry about the Warriors was in back in 2007. That’s when (David) Golden State slayed (Goliath) the Dallas Mavericks.

That was also the first time the Warriors were even in a playoff game since the 90’s except for in 74-75 season when they won their first and only title with the Golden State logo. For Reggie to say Dorrell had no chance and to hear the rest of the panel jokingly laugh, giggle and repeat it means to wear Warrior blue and gold is to be the butt end of jokes. I hope Keith Smart and the new owners are listening. They are saying, “Hey Warriors, your franchise isn’t even good enough to compete in this league.” If your a die hard Warrior fan like me it’s hard hear and watch. See real Warrior fans know. Even though the team isn’t respected as it should be, this years teams is one of the best ensembles we’ve seen in a long time.

It should send a message to Joe Lacob, “Joe, after seeing how they treat your Golden State Warriors, don’t trade anyone. Tighten any and all contracts and let Keith Smart send a message to this NBA, and that message is, the  All-Star break is over, these perennial powerhouses of the NBA keep thinking Golden States a push over. By the way Mr. Miller your two stand out shooters you raved about Paul Pierce and Ray Allen didn’t win the 3pt.  shootout.  It was the guy you didn’t pick  James Jones of the Miami Heat.  Steph Curry won the skills competition, and Dorrell Wright led the league in 3pt. shooting for a good portion of the first part of the season. So don’t laugh, mark my words, you best believe Golden State will make you pay close attention to them this season. I didn’t say we’d win it all, but we will make it interesting. Tell me what you think? Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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