Sharks Become Predators In Nashville

Posted: February 21, 2011 in San Jose Sharks

What’s up sports fans? After losing two in a row the San Jose Sharks weren’t looking to hungry until they got to Nashville.  Sharks go into Nashville drooling for a win, the only problem was at the beginning of the game you couldn’t tell. Sharks fell behind in the first period by letting Cody Franson score on a wrist shot that Antii Niemi couldn’t stop. Nashville was leading in shots  at that point according to San Jose head coach Todd McClellan,  “We lost the first 10 minutes of the game. We weren’t really in it. I think I looked up at one point and the shots were 8-1 for Nashville. They were much faster and quicker than we were.  But we found a way to work back into it in the last 54 minutes. That’s the way it is when you play against a team like this. Nashville is a team that is going to come out hard early. You have to find a way to weather the storm.”

Sharks did just that by taking more shots, and the shots kept coming. They kept pouring on the shots until the second period, and it finally caught the Predators off guard literally. That’s when Devin Setagouchi sent the puck passed Nashville’s Pekka Rhine for a 1-1 tie.  Shark’s decided not to change the format, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Sharks continued to pound shots at Pekka Rhine. Pekka didn’t budge, but neither did Antii Niemi, and the back and forth ballet continued. It was dominated by defense so much that more time was needed. The outcome would be decided in  overtime.

Nashville head coach Barry Trotz wasn’t sure how team could respond in with extra time added, “I can’t really remember every overtime period,” Trotz said. “Sometimes you’ve got to keep it simple. You have to self-chip it and go on the other side and get it. You have to get it deep, keep possession, wear them down, open up some seams and see if you can break down their coverage. In the second period we gave them some momentum with some penalties and the turnovers which they capitalized on.” Nashville is trying to recover from the tie and it’s really too late, Patrick Marleau seals the deal with a shot on Rhine for the win.

You kinda feel for Rhine he had a productive night with 48 saves, Niemi finished with just 30 saves primarily because San Jose defended well and kept the Predators off the shot grid. Sharks win in good fashion and Shark fans are liking the rebound. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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