Popularity Proves Positive For Blake Griffin

Posted: February 21, 2011 in NBA Basketball

What’s up sports fans? Well I think I finally figured it out. If you’re popular in the NBA you can win contests that are decided by the public. It was proven February 19 during the 2011 NBA ALL-STAR weekend. It’s the Slam Dunk Championship and this year we, as spectators, can’t complain. Last year we could. Last year was a bust. There was no flair, no choreography, no high flying stunts. Nate Robinson did win but, it wasn’t that great of a dunk. Most people thought he won because the other dunks were worse than his.

This year we saw it all. We had multiple balls, a 360 dunk, a choir, and even,  get this, dunking over a flashy new car. I sound like Bob Barker, “Show ’em the next item up for bid. “A NEW CAR!” What a  showy display we had in the contest. Personally when they brought out the choir I thought we just can’t be subtle. Blake Griffin could have tried just about any dunk he wanted, and when you think about it, he did. He closed out the contest by jumping over the hood of a car. I watched it,  and it was creative. He even had his team mate Baron Davis lob the ball up to him for the dunk. I do have  however, like most people who can’t dunk, some  criticisms how he did it.

I just got to ask Blake, why would you let those people talk you into bringing in a choir? Man! It just ruined everything. Blake, you started off well with the 360. The 360 was nice. Blake if your going to jump over the car, leap over the center of the car, not over the hood. The hood’s barely 5 feet high if that. This was the one time I could actually agree with Charles Barkley. It’s a good dunk, but it had to much show and not enough athleticism. After watching the competition I have to give it to JaVale McGee as being the winner. His dunks were more creative, more athletic, I mean c’mon people, two balls dunked at the same time in two different basket ball hoops. That’s never been done before, then he became an innovator by improving on that, with dunking three balls at the same time.

It didn’t matter, popularity won over the final results. I know some teenager somewhere in the country who never even watched the NBA in her life saw Blake’s dunk and spewed out, “OOOh That looked cool.”, then text in his number and Blake won the contest. It should’ve been decided the original way, by the original NBA aficionados, the judges. As you probably know, the NBA needs it’s popularity, so when it came down to letting the judges decide or lettings teenagers text in the winning contestant, the NBA went “OOOh texting would be so cool.” Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!

  1. Trub says:

    We finally have a dunk contest that brings the FLASH and GLITZ and athleticism back and they go and reward the WRONG person…I’m with you, the DUNK VATICAN should have decided the winner, not the public…perhaps giving the public a vote drives the NBA fan base but any true NBA fan should have been sorely disappointed by someone jumping over the hood of a car(not 5 feet at all…try 3ft!!) to win it all.

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