Golden State Takes The Jazz Out Of Utah.

Posted: February 18, 2011 in Golden State Basketball

What’s up sports fans? Well I saw the game last night, and Golden State played well through out the night. I couldn’t believe it, the Warriors playing well on the road. Hmm…. I wonder if Warriors fans can get used to that. I know they got used to watching Monta play as well as he did, but that was at home. On the road  Monta Ellis scored 35 pts.  He had 23 in the second half. It also showed what the Warriors will be faced with once they are back from the All-Star weekend. Golden State will play 16-25 games on the road. In the NBA road games are the hardest to succeed at.

The Warrior bench was superb.  Golden State bench out scored Utah’s bench 31-12. What made it interesting is that there were unsung heroes in this game. Guys who names don’t regularly get called. Names like Jeremy Lin,  who was recently recalled back up from the D-League. Brandon Wright, he took advantage of his opportunity by knocking down all three of his shot selections. Charlie Bell did a good job of keeping high scoring Derron Williams to just 18pts. on 5-13 shooting. Golden State needed Jeremy Lin and Charlie Bell because Steph Curry wasn’t having a good night 1-7 shooting and had committed four fouls.

It may have been the home of the Utah Jazz, but Monta made sure before the end of the night all attention was on him.  He even hit this  running 3 pointer at the buzzer to close out the third period.  New owner Joe Lacob stated, “”We are finally getting some momentum and came close to my goal,” Lacob said. “I really like our guys. They have no quit in them. In the end, that is what you want. This will be a fun All-Star break.” This is an weird feeling. I should be elated. I should be jubilant, but for some reason I don’t feel good about last nights win. I guess it’s because Utah isn’t the same. After last night game,  when I watched Utah, they remind me of Golden State ten years ago. Warriors fans know what I’m talking about.

The days when the Warriors were the door mat of the NBA. When we were one of the bottom feeders of the basketball world it was like nobody cared. Maybe it’s dealing with both sides of the spectrum, there are winners and losers. Utah used to run us off the court. Now it appears there is a changing of the guard. You can see it not only in the fact were able to beat good teams like Utah, but also the league is about to go into a major overhaul. Kobe’s getting old, so are the Boston Celtics. The future of the east is Orlando and Miami and Atlanta. Yes, you heard me say Atlanta. These teams will change the East Coast Division.

In the West believe it or not,  look for the San Antonio Spurs, Oklahoma CityThunder, L.A. Clippers, Portland Trailblazers and believe it or not, our own Golden State Warriors to be the front runners in the Western Division. Soon they’ll be a changing of the guard. When it happens a lot of you folks we’ll forget I said it. But those who have watching the NBA for some time will remember these days. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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