Sharks Can’t Outrun Panthers In Florida.

Posted: February 15, 2011 in San Jose Sharks

What’s up Sports fans? Say it isn’t so. We dropped two in a row, to me is whoa. I had to witness the Sharks win streak come to an abrupt end in Jersey, and as the day went by some of the pain subsided. I thought, ” Okay it’s only one, and we will get this back.” Shark fans I ask you, how much pain can a brother take? Sharks try to clean up the mess from Jersey in Florida. It turned out to be a bigger spill, and still no clean up. Sharks lose to the Florida Panthers 3-2. Florida snapped a five home game losing streak by beating the men in teal on their home ice.

James garrison was relentless at pushing the puck through Shark defenders. Florida also led with more power play opportunities than San Jose 3-1. Florida took advantage of the situation by leading in two very significant categories. Florida beat us with shots, 30-22. In this game we got caught up into “The Gretzsky Zone.” Remember what Wayne said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Since we took eight shot less than the Panthers they got more opportunities.

Florida then beat us once again in the Face off category 29-24. If we don’t win face offs we don’t control the puck, ow! That’s gotta hurt. Florida scored with Mike Santorelli, Chris Higgins, and from hard working James Garrison. Joe Pavelski, and Kent Huskins scored only to fall short and run out of time. Huskins scored in the first period with 12:57 left on the clock. Pavelski scored in the third period to put the Sharks ahead 2-1, then the Panthers mauled us. Panther put two more goal for the win. Leaving the Sharks and us the fans wondering, “What just happenend?”

This is a difficult time for Shark head coach Todd McLellan,  “The two wingers couldn’t breathe by the end [of that shift] and they made us pay for it,” McLellan said. “We needed one clear to get fresh guys on the ice and we would have been fine.” Florida took advantage of San Jose’s need for replacements. Sharks have dropped two we can only hope they find a way to turn it around. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!

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