Sharks Have A Devil Of A Time In New Jersey.

Posted: February 14, 2011 in San Jose Sharks

What’s up sports fans? Well it was looking good at first. Sharks road trip had turned into a nice trip.  Sharks were able to get by the Washington Capitals, and come from behind to beat the Columbus Bluejackets. Shark fans are loving it,  and if your a bay area person, your loving it too. The age old proverb says, “What goes up,  must come down.” The team to bring down the Sharks were those former Stanley Cup Champs, the New Jersey Devils. I know, we in the bay area wanted the win streak to continue but, all good things must come to an end.

Especially if the opposing team wins 30 face offs.  San Jose shot more times than New Jersey 30-23, but I think in this game, it wasn’t about shots, it was more about timing. Sharks scored first in the third period when Patrick Marleau slapped in a goal off of a rebound from Niclas Wallin.  Sharks were in the drivers seat until some penalties by Joe Thorton for hooking, Logan Couture for tripping cause the momentum to shift. The momentum continued to shift when Ilya Kovalchuk received a pass from Brian Rolston, and Kovalchuk used the speed of the pass to get by Antii Niemi for the game tying goal.

To make matters worse Johan Hedberg had 31 saves to keep San Jose at bay. The key to the Devils win was the fact that San Jose lost a key face off to Travis Zajac.  It allowed Kovalchuk to go from Sharks territory, from right to left and hit a shot right passed Antii Niemi.”You don’t want to see the streak end, that’s for sure,” Marleau said. “I think we carried the play a lot of the game and didn’t find the back of the net. It’s something we wanted to keep going. Now we have to start a new one.” New Jersey gets the 2-1 win, they will continue their playoff push, and improve to 12-1-2. The men in teal shouldn’t hang the heads low though. They went 9-1-1 of their last 11, and they can rebound from this one. Go Sharks! Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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