Warriors Burned by Suns of Phoenix

Posted: February 8, 2011 in Golden State Basketball

Whats up Bay Area Sports Fans? I watched the Warriors V.S. Phoenix tonight. I’m not happy with the outcome. I guess tonight’s game was a reality check of sorts. Phoenix came in and exploited our miss use of players. We have the fire power to compete with a team like Phoenix, but when we don’t make proper adjustments teams like Phoenix can come in and get the best of us. I’m speaking to the smartest coach in the league, Keith Smart. Why didn’t you put Dorrell Wright back in during the 4th quarter? We needed 3pt. shooting,  and even though the entire team was having a less than stellar 3pt. shooting night, we still could’ve redeemed ourselves by letting our normal guys do what they do best

Mr. Smart you of all people know the game is a game of spurts. We didn’t have much three point shooting in the first half, but I feel that we should’nt have not allowed Dorrell Wright to stop shooting three’s in the second half,  particularly in the 4th quarter. I do like the way the team rallied in the second to cut the deficit down to 5 points. The problem is we needed that three point shooting at that time, and Dorrell is the guy that can make that happen. I think you put him in the 4th quarter and now the team gets a big lift. The Suns shot 50 percent from the field. It was terrible to watch. Phoenix had in the first quarter, two people come in, and hit at least three three’s each. Channing Frye and Mikael Pietrius. Steph Curry had 15 points, David Lee had 16points and 10 rebounds, but Monta Ellis led with 21 points and 12 rebounds. I do want to add that Ekpe Udoh had another great defensive game, and Reggie Williams hand continues to be hot. It just seemed in this game, Golden State needed more three point shooting. I’m hoping someone tells their defensive assistant coach to start letting the team know,  that if your going to compete at a winning level, Golden State has got to get better at the defensive end. 50 percent from floor. If you let a high school team shoot 50 percent there’s probably a 94% percent chance your going to lose. Mr. Smart please start using all your pawns on the chess board. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.com Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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