Key to City of Dallas Controversial for Michael Vick

Posted: February 8, 2011 in National Football League

What’s up Sports Fans? I was reading today that apparently Michael Vick was at a speaking engagement in Dallas Texas, where he was encouraging kids to stay away from the things he did, drugs and bad influences when it comes to choosing friends and associates. This event was part of Superteen Tuesday sponsored by TVTextbook a teen and kids awareness group that promotes education and the advancement of youth. He also received a key to the city of Dallas for that effort. Problem is it wasn’t from Ted Leppert the city’s mayor. It was given by the Pro Tem mayor Dwaine Caraway. This seemingly act of gratitude sparked uproar from animal rights activists, and a  particular radio reporter. This reporter by the name of Richard Hunter approached Michael Vick with a picture of one of the dogs he adopted from the “Bad Newz Kennel”, which Michael Vick ran.

When Mr. Hunter confronted Michael Vick and told him he adopted one of his dogs, Michael just looked at him, and the picture,  and was then rushed out by his security entourage. This story helps us to appreciate both sides of the spectrum. One, that as much as we appreciate Michael Vick’s redemption run back to NFL status, it’s probably going to be awhile before this country is 100% ready to pardon him for his actions. I think there is also a huge communication gap among city politics in Dallas Texas. You have one hand not knowing what the other is doing. Mr. Leppert should’ve been properly informed about such an event and its response to Michael Vick. Whether or not Michael Vick’s response is telling of his feelings regarding his past is yet to be known.

We are taught by the greatest teacher that ever stepped on this planet Jesus Christ to forgive. The response from animal rights groups over Michael Vick shows spiritual maturity is something this country is lacking. I despise what Michael Vick did to those dogs, however, the law constituted his punishment, and he paid for it. Is the law perfect, by no means. This is why their are lawyers and community groups to assist the law in its progression to satisfy the people.

Before Michael Vick’s incident the courts weren’t really sure how to punish an individual for a crime of this stature. This is why the law isn’t perfect. As long as mankind progresses overtime there will always be someone who’ll try to go around the law. Even though some people in this country don’t agree with the courts decision concerning Michael Vick, it shows that if they live in this country they ought to follow it also. After all, what’s the point of having a law if it’s not going to be followed. Remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.COM. Bay Area Sports Magnified!

  1. Michael LeBrane says:

    Great peace on the Michael Vick, personally i think everyone deserves a second chance.
    Michael vick is no worse or better then anyone else, he’s just man who made a stupid mistake, and just like anyone else has to deal with the consequences.

    People give the guy a break!

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