Warriors Get All Jazzed Up.

Posted: February 4, 2011 in Golden State Basketball

What’s up sports fans?.  Golden State Warriors game against the Utah Jazz. I had to praise them for the way they played, and even though Derron Williams from Utah was out with a hand injury, which made things better, we still played well. It was hard to watch Monta though. He finished with just two points. Two points!

I think he had an injury or wasn’t feeling well because that wasn’t vintage Monta Ellis. Steph Curry sure made up for it though. He had 27, David Lee had another double, double night, and Reggie Williams was on fire 6 of 6 from the floor just brilliant shooting from him. Andris Biedrins also had a double double. Now let me focus on my regular post for tonight. I’m not happy to find out that Monta Ellis was snubbed by the NBA by them not selecting him for the All-Star Game. I’m really starting to feel that the league has a bias against the franchise.

Everybody knows the Warriors get the worse refereed calls in the league. They’re also always going to be treated less then the Lakers because of the Lakers winning history. If Kobe is touched with a finger nail the refs will yell out “Flagrant Foul!” The fact that the league has went 14 consecutive years without a All-Star from Golden State pretty much say’s it all. The last time the Warriors had a All-Star in the NBA was when Latrell Sprewell was an All-Star. I’ll give you my evaluation after tonight’s game at Oracle Arena against the Milwaukee Bucs, oh and remember folks it’s ALLBAYAREASPORTS.com. Bay Area Sports Magnified!


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